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Mind, Body and Soul is a leading Houston private practice offering a wide range of professional therapy services designed to help improve the lives of our patients. We believe in taking a unified approach to wholeness and creating solutions which work on a variety of levels. We offer mental health, place therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychiatric, Psychologist (testing and measuring), ABA and Speech therapy and our team of experts are standing by to schedule a consultation which can get you started on the path to wellness.

Our Services

Mind, Body and Soul offers a wide range of professional therapy services for our clients including:

Our Mission

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Mind, Body and Soul is an independently owned and operated private healthcare practice focused on providing a unified approach to wholeness. At Mind, Body and Soul, we have made it our mission to constantly push ourselves to improve our quality of patient care and to provide them with a new level of mental health care services.

Mind, Body and Soul partners with the Sunrise Academy to provide kids at the academy the important therapy services they need without disrupting their schedules. We believe that in doing so, more children can get the help they need, when they need it without any attached stigma.

Our Vision

When we founded Mind, Body and Soul, we had a vision of helping people overcome their mental, emotional, and physical health limitations through our exclusive unified approach to wholeness. This means that we treat our patient’s conditions at the root level to provide them with lifelong solutions. By treating the whole problem, rather than what is seen on the surface, we are able to provide long term solutions based on an understanding of the why and what of their disorder. Helping our patients lead a happier, more fulfilled life with less stress and anxiety is what keeps us focused on our mission and what has led to our high patient success standards.

Our Core Values

The core values of Mind, Body and Soul form the foundation of every aspect of service we provide to our patients.

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