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Peck’s Market, a large grocery store, is located right in Eldred, one mile away. The Corner, a small wine shop and ice cream parlor can be also be found in Eldred. And Monteleone Gardens Hydrofarm, providing fresh-grown greens and veggies year ‘round, is located right across the street from The Corner as well.

Barryville General is a local food(ie) purveyor, is on a mission — to share deliciously healthy food, celebrate and collaborate with local farmers and makers, and create meaningful and lasting relationships with the community. That and dish up a prosciutto, egg and cheese breakfast sammy to die for.

A few local restaurants worth considering:

Henning’s Local
Norwegian chef Henning Nordanger’s take on traditional American fare is as bold as it is comforting. Emphasis on locally grown ingredients and bold flavors, and a brick chicken bar none. Located just outside Narrowsburg, NY, 15 miles away.

The Laundrette
A former laundromat now providing suds of a craft variety, plus wood-fired sourdough pizzas, inventive salads, classic cocktails, and views of the Delaware River that’ll put your head in spin cycle. 12 miles away. 20 5th Street, Narrowsburg NY 12764. (845) 588-2004

The Heron Restaurant
Beautiful brunch/dinner place, all organic/local ingredients, with a deck perched high above the Delaware River, 12 miles away. Currently takeout only with deck access for dining. 40 Main Street, Narrowsburg, NY. (845) 252-3333

Bang Bang Bar at Stickett Inn
This unique taqueria/coffee bar, offering tacos, burritos, soups, cocktails, and desserts, is also an official New York State Tasting Room showcasing their signature Stickett Inn Ciders, plus regional beer and wines as well. So good vibes, day and night, just 5 miles away. 3380 State Rt. 97, Barryville, NY 12719 (845) 557 – 0913