about us
VGOSS is a collection of best African designers and their works, operating from Mid-Town Houston TX United States. VGOSS was established in 2017 with the aim of invading modern fashion with tailored African vogues.
Our Fascination with keen beauty in custom fashion has driven us to the farthest of Africa to induct designers whose works can easily compete with 21st century fashion around the world.
Factors that separate and upgrade these designers are: Authenticity. Each design is distinctly unique with its own fleek. The magnitude of perfection these designs possess is eye-catching. Use of Undiluted materials. The material used to make the design contains no modification materials. The cottons, bamboos, and other main content of the products are of purest quality.
All products stocked by VGOSS has been individually inspected for imperfections, guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction. Handmade. All designers can attest to their 100% involvement in making of their designs by hand. You, our admirers, can confirm this fact by the conventional drift in straight line stitches.
Our notion in the fashion industry is to return traditional and cultural wears in the fashion world, in hopes of regenerating passion for origin and heritage. We hold this goal as a privilege to be placed in such a prestigious spot to hold up the flag of cultural admiration. We acknowledge the significance of this task and the importance of community. And therefore, invite you to join our course. Good friendship and collaboration can only result to greater achievement. We would like to know our community and fans who cherish culture.
VGOSS is primarily devoted in exhibiting the finest works of the designers, in hopes of drawing attention to their talents. We acknowledge the passion and meaning behind the designs we show-case, and we want to credit the source of the talents. We hope you do too!
our guarantee
We induct best of designers all over the world who has expressed a great excellence in the quality of their product and delivery, to present you the finest African couture and more.
Aside guaranteed all natural and pure quality products, we ensure all prices reflects the true worth of the products. We present competitive prices for all listed item.
We strictly encourage transparency from our vendors. All listed item includes all necessary information for an A+ experience for buyers. All products contains accurate sizing, shipping fee, and comprehensive product details. Return policies are readily accessible too. On vgoss.com, you can shop knowing your purchase is insured.
We handle disputes so you don't have to. All purchases receive best customer service without doubt. Enjoy your shopping!