Really Cool WordPress Plugins That You Must Check Right Away

Most of the Popular WordPress plugins are not always cool. Cool WordPress plugins are called so because they have features that benefit you a lot. They make blogging much easier and enjoyable. Akismet, Jetpack, etc. are popular WordPress plugins, but they are not called cool plugins.

I am writing this post because there is no option in the WordPress plugins page to display only plugins that are cool. I am going to share some of the plugins that are unique, powerful and highly beneficial. I am using some of these awesome plugins.

Here are some of the free plugins that definitely are cool:

Content-Aware Sidebars

If you have migrated from Joomla to WordPress, you have definitely come across sidebars for specific pages and posts. However, in WordPress, this is not possible without the help of Content Aware Sidebars.

With the help of this plugin, you can create any number of widgets and assign it to specific posts or pages. It gives a virtual feeling to a visitor that, sidebar widgets are content-aware! It increases the Click through rates of one-time visitors and reduces bounce rate, instantly.

How it increases CTR and reduces bounce rate? You can only analyze it.

Next Scripts Autoposter

It is way too easy to spam using this plugin. Premium version of this plugin is also available which has some more features.

In the basic version, you have the option to auto publish blog posts to various social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, interest, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Delicious, Plurk, and 20 more. Don’t worry, you can also publish image posts!

It has also the features to import Facebook comments, Twitter mentions as WordPress comments. It has inbuilt URL Shorteners like,, YOURLS and, of course, inbuilt WordPress URL Shortner.

Pro version has many more features like scheduled postings, repeated postings, import and export feature, URL parameters, ability to spin posts for different social networks to avoid social networks ranking higher than your actual blog post in SERPs.


WordFence is the coolest security plugin I have ever seen.

It logs all the IP addresses and Whois information of all the visitors to your WordPress blog. It contains whois information of each visitor to your blog and the pages they visited. If they try to visit pages like WP-admin, WP-config, it smells fishy, so WordFence does. It offers you to block the IP addresses of the visitors who tried to access your admin pages. The known hackers’ IP addresses are automatically blocked on all the blogs or sites running WordFence.

It is also highly beneficial in audience targeting, as you come to know about the whois information of the visitors!

Thank Me Later

Turn every commenter into a subscriber. A very old cool WordPress plugin that has been labelled as not updated since 2 years. Still, works like a charm.

It helps you drop emails to your commenters as soon as they drop a comment on your blog. Schedule future emails for commenters on your blog. You can customize the emails based on posts or pages on which they comment to increase the CTR of the links in the emails.

However, remember that it is too easy to send bulk spam emails. But do not do that. It supports HTML tags also. However, most of the time use of “ahref” is not needed for links, as major email clients automatically detect links.

OnePress Social Locker

This is one of the flexible cool WordPress Plugins. You can offer readers, whatever you want. If they share or like your blog post on social networks, the freebie will be unlocked.

You just have to insert the freebie inside the opening and closing tags of the social locker in your blog posts, pages or widgets. As soon as the visitor likes or shares a preset article, the download link or freebie link will be visible.

This is one of the coolest ways to attract visitors to share your blog posts. In this case, at least 20% of the visitors share or like your content to know how this stuff works. You can offer free EBook, PDF version of blog posts, coupons.


It is one of the best plugins, which I’ve ever seen to get feedback from your blog readers regarding your blog posts.

It is built on attractive HTML5 technology. It offers you to choose questions to your readers. You can easily get the idea about the expectations of your blog readers. It shows up as an attractive widget, and it makes your blog get high traffic by posting your blog posts in their communities.

WP Pace

Wanna add some of the best page loading bars around the web (Including YouTube style progress bar) to your blog? Go and grab WP Pace. It offers you to add different high rated progress bar to your blog. It has ten themes.

  • Minimal
  • Flash (YouTube style progress bar)
  • Barbershop
  • MacOSX
  • Fill-Left
  • Flat-Top
  • CornderIndicator
  • Bounce
  • Big Counter
  • Center Circle

You can also customize colors, use shortcodes for individual pages or posts. Ain’t it cool?

These cool plugins are cool as far as my experience is considered. If you have any idea about other cool plugins, kindly comment. I will include the plugin with your credits.

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