Unique and proven quality control

Modern supply chains are complicated to manage, especially when the quality of the products is crucial for the process. KLG-ITM has developed a reliable quality control service to prevent unexpected supply chain costs due to low quality or faulty products. Let our unique KLG-ITM QC system ensure the quality of your products, as we have successfully done and continue doing for many different companies.

Careful control

The KLG-ITM quality control service guarantees thorough inspection by having a dedicated and trustworthy Dutch sample picker who carefully and randomly selects products for inspection.

Safe & Secure

KLG-ITM partners with a quality inspection agency of your choice, which will conduct the quality control in a restricted and secure environment, preventing outside intervention in the process.

Our guarantees

  • Samples picked by a dedicated sample picker

    Our Dutch sample pickers are chosen based on their trustworthiness and reliability. Via routine controls, the quality of our personal  is ensured.

  • Inspection in a controlled environment

    The picked samples are inspected in a restricted area with limited access, ensuring the reliability and trustworthiness of our service.

  • Outbound of trustworthy products

    The KLG-ITM quality control process ensures that the outbounds products are conform to your standards. Our control service will take your quality concerns away.


Interested in the further details of our QC process? Read and consider our client cases.