We Invest with All We Have Got.

To be entrusted with your project is a serious charge and high calling. Our success is measured by adherence to our core values and the financial returns delivered to our investors, creators, and sponsors.

Teamwork Approach – We achieve better results when we work collaboratively. Our success starts and ends with authentic relationships. Doing good work with great people is a lot of fun.

N1million – N250Million

Sometimes we partner with other venture capital companies to provide the funds for complex projects.

Our Deal Partners include:

  • Private equity funds

  • Independent sponsors

  • Banks

  • Business owners

Full Stack Financing

You tell us the budget for your production and we offer funds based on your membership status

Membership Tiers and Investment Limits

  • Bronze (New Customers)- N1Million – N15Million

  • Silver (Customers with at least 1 project) – N15Million – N50 Million

  • Gold (High Earners) – N50Million – N75Million

  • Star Elite (Superstar projects) – N100Million – N250 Million


Depending on the project and potential in the market, we only provide equity investment of up to 25% of the total budget of the film.


We can partner with you on your next project. Let us share the burden of financing your next project by providing production crew and equipment for the film.

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Film Budgeting

A few major aspects that can help determine the type of budget your scripts require; including set locations, special effects, popular actors/actresses and the equipment you require to shoot to name a few.