Meet Our CEO

Yindy Digital has been an incredible journey. About 12 years ago, I envisioned Nigeria being the omphalos of Entertainment and Technology. Today, Nigeria has arrived, and the world has taken notice of our talents. Yindy Digital is the vector that will help deliver creativity and innovation to the rest of the world.

Adebosipo Ayinde,
CEO of Yindy Global

Our Team is Your Team

People drive everything we do, and our team plays to win.We take your success personally and know how to get you there.

Our team has an extensive track record investing and nurturing projects in the Entertainment and Technology industries. Our approach to investing is marked by thoughtfulness, flexibility, and responsiveness.

We are more than lenders – we are partners, helping our portfolio companies achieve their goals


To be a leader in the entertainment and technology sectors in Nigeria.

Core Values

Stewardship, Teamwork, Innovation, Creativity