DevOps Teams

  • Advice to secure Cloud Service?

  • Control exception, OK?

  • Use shinny Cloud Service, OK?

Executives (CXO)

  • Risks managed?

  • Budget needs?

  • Compliant?


  • Security priorities?

  • Standards?

  • Emerging threats?

Sec Governance

  • Hard to get Talent

  • Time is the top resource

  • Fast change of Business needs

You can accelerate with TrustOnCloud, a pay-as-you-go, on-demand, and continuously updated security Knowledge Base, that allows you to:

  • Learn from Threat Models of each Cloud Service

  • Mitigate threats using the list of all Control Activities, up-to-date and risk-prioritized

  • Demonstrate compliance with Control Objectives mapped to ISO, SOC, PCI DSS, etc.

Detailed Threat Scenarios with Data Flow and Control Objectives

Prioritized Control implementation and Audit testing

Also available as code, for further automation!

Contact for a free full report on AWS Amazon S3 and/or Google Cloud Storage