About Tennessee Birding Trails

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Sites in RED are hotspots. These are the best places to go birding.
Sites in GREEN are not hotspots, but can be wonderful and are worth visiting when in the area.

Birding Seasons

These birding seasons follow those used by the Tennessee Ornithological Society and the editors of the Migrant.

The letter scores are the relative birding quality at a location in the given season. Birding varies dramatically by weather and numerous other factors and it can vary greatly, so the scores are general birding quality.

A = can be excellent birding for the species and species groups listed
B = good birding, lots of species can be found, but not as awesome as an A
C = Birding can be pretty slow outside the expected resident species

About Us

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has sponsored this website in partnership with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation. TWRA oversees management of all wildlife in the state of Tennessee. TWRA also has the Nongame/Endangered Species program that managed nongame species of conservation concern, including all nongame birds. This project was primarily funded by thee Watchable Wildlife Endowment Fund. For more information, see the Tennessee’s Watchable Wildlife web site.


Many thanks to the Tennessee Ornithological Society for support in development of this project. This project was the designed, developed, and implemented by Scott Somershoe

Cyndi Routledge did the editing and proofreading to all the site pages! Gaynell Perry, Susn McWhirter, Stephen Zipperer, Rick Knight, Kevin Calhoon, Dick Preston, Ed LeGrand, and others contributed to the content, site selection, among other features and details on this site.