What is Couples Counselling?

There’s always a little trouble in paradise but when these issues exceed you and your partner’s ability to fix together, it may be time to seek professional help. Couples Counselling is a type of therapy that helps you and your partner deal with challenges your relationship faces. You may know couples counselling by another name – marriage counselling.

Couples/marriage counselling deals with a wide range of problems that affect your relationship. Though these two kinds of therapy have different names, they’re essentially the same in that they both seek to help you and your partner live a happier life together.

What Couples Counselling Helps You With

You may be wondering whether couples/marriage counselling is right for you. Take the time to carefully consider the problems you’ve encountered in your marriage and whether any of these situations sound familiar to you:

  • Communication

  • Sexual difficulties

  • Lack of Connection

  • Parenting Differences

  • Finances

  • Infidelity

  • Gambling and/or substance abuse

It’s alright if your experiences don’t exactly align with the situations we’ve listed. These are just examples of what couples/marriage counselling can help you fix. Relationships are affected by any number of factors and if the conflict is significant to either of you or you would like to address the problem early on, it’s perfectly valid to seek counselling. 

How Couples Counselling helps

Couples/marriage counselling is a great way to address your relationship problems head-on. By seeking professional help, you and your partner bring in an objective third party that can help bridge the gap between what you two are looking for in your relationship.

Pre-marriage counselling has been shown to help prevent split ups between couples. If you and your partner are unmarried, a good counsellor can help reduce the risk of divorce further down the line. And if you and your partner are already married, a counsellor can help you two avoid a divorce as well.

A couples/marriage therapist doesn’t just help improve your relationship with your partner. Couples/marriage counselling benefits any children you two might have. Studies have shown that children of divorced parents have a greater risk of developing mental health issues in the long run. The same is true for children of separated parents – regardless of whether they were married.

By seeking out a therapist to help you and your partner, you’re not only protecting your relationship, but you’ll also be securing your family’s wellbeing too.

Obstacles to Couples Counselling

It takes two to tango in any relationship and even more so in couples/marriage counselling. Even if one of you want to see a counsellor, the other person might not. This is often the primary problem that keeps couples out of the counselling room.

Most of the time, one person in the relationship doesn’t want to go to a therapist because they think nothing is wrong or they can solve it on their own. They may also be afraid that the therapist, a third party, would blame them for the problems they face as a couple.

It’s important to remember that a therapist isn’t just any third party – they’re an objective professional that helps both people in the relationship. By going to therapy with your partner, you’re showing that you care about them and the relationship enough to step out of your comfort zone.

You might think that you don’t need counselling because your relationship doesn’t have problems; but couples/marriage counselling isn’t just for troubled relationships. A good counsellor can help you find ways to improve your relationship satisfaction and set you and your partner on the happy life you two deserve.

Benefits of Couples Counselling

Several studies on the effectiveness of couples/marriage counselling have shown that counselling isn’t just a quick fix for your relationship. Counselling provides actionable solutions with stable results that stay with you and your partner through several years.

Professional counselling services help you and your partner develop better communication and cooperation skills. Through couples/marriage counselling, you’ll find yourselves growing closer to each other and forming a more emotionally enriching bond.

Taking the First Step to A Healthier Relationship

Now that you’ve almost finished reading this, you may have decided that it’s time for you and your partner to seek professional help. You may be feeling nervous about going to a therapist to fix your relationship issues but rest assured that we’ll give you quality counselling services with the utmost care for your privacy.

If you live in the Winnipeg area, the therapists at My Winnipeg Therapist would be more than happy to help! Don’t live near Winnipeg? Consider booking an online session! Studies have shown that online consultations yield similar results to in-person sessions so you can get the help you need wherever, whenever.

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