Please Read Carefully!!!

By using our service you agree to the terms and conditions contained in this document. SMS1000 will provide to client Short Message Service (SMS) herein referred to as Text Messages.

SMS1000 will “Broadcast” text messages on behalf of client to designated mobile numbers supplied by client. SMS1000 is responsible for sending the messages but not for the delivery, which may be hindered by recipients’ service plans and or devices.

It is client’s responsibility to verify the validity and accuracy of the phone numbers provided. It must be noted that some numbers (home, office, and some cell phones) may not be equipped or authorized to receive SMS.

Messages may contain up to 150 characters (including punctuation and spaces) and may not contain any images, music, or other files. The service is limited to text only. (Standard SMS is 160. The other 10 is reserved for your identification)

Messages to be sent must be uploaded to SMS1000 and also must be allowed at least 1 hour before it is required to be displayed on recipients’ devices.

Client is fully responsible for the content of the messages and by instructing the communication assumes full responsibility for the entirety of the SMS.

SMS1000 reserves the right to discontinue service to any client. This may due to many reasons but not limited to abuse, non payment, spamming, misuse and all other illegal usages.

Client’s cost is Monthly Prepaid for service plan Until Cancelled.

This payment is fully refundable if cancelled within 30 days – or if you have not used the service to send more than 100 SMS MESSAGES – Whichever one comes first – No questions asked. SMS1000 WILL NOT REFUND MORE THAN 30 DAYS OF SERVICE WORTH OF PAYMENT.

By using our service, client agrees that the content of this “TERMS OF SERVICE” is binding according to the laws of its governing state of Rhode Island and any dispute arising from the content in full or in part will settled in the courts of Rhode Island. Client further agrees that if SMS1000 were to be found culpable of violating any term of the content, client is entitled and limited to receiving a full refund for services paid for under the terms.