Sample Making

From prototype, reference sample or even an illustration or picture of what you are looking to make, we will make your concept come to life. Full tech packs and production-ready patterns that map out every detail of design.

Cut & Sew Services

Cut and sew services offered in our own factory (No middle men.) Direct-to-factory pricing with short lead times, thorough factory compliance certifications, flexible minimums, and quality construction.

Full Package Production

Leave the hassle to us! We can source and order all fabrics and trims needed for your custom production. Optimized marking & grading utilized to achieve the highest standards of efficiency and sustainability.

Made in USA

Domestic apparel manufacturing allows fashion companies to stay close to their supply chain, know the people who make their products, and pivot faster to respond to trends and customer preferences.

We provide a flexible and timely approach to production that more realistically matches today’s fast-pace and evolving apparel industry.

  • Shorter lead times

  • Domestic job creation

  • Better quality assurance

  • Reduced shipping costs

  • Improved conditions

  • Higher safety standards

  • Encourages prosperity

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Direct human interaction

  • Faster opportunities


Sewby is WRAP Certified

What is WRAP?

WRAP is the world’s largest independent certification program for socially responsible factories in the apparel industry. Sewby is certified by WRAP and complies with its 12 Principles.

We supports the United Nations Global Compact Initiative which promotes an ethical and responsible approach to manufacturing with a focus on human rights, labor welfare, anti-corruption measures and the environment.

Our approach for manufacturing is based on organized workflow and production scheduling to timely and professionally meet the production needs of our clients each season.

Wherever possible we use recycled materials, low-waste manufacturing methods, and natural fabrics.


Our clients include both established brands and emerging designers. We provide private label manufacturing services for:

Department stores


Private brands

E-Commerce Retailers


Gyms and Clubs

Hotels and Spas

Domestic manufacturing solutions for customers seeking:

Quality Construction

Fast Turnaround

Flexible Minimums

Quicker Development

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