Monique Campbell holds a degree from Warwick Business School for Master of Business Administration specialising in Digital Disruption & Innovation, and graduated from The London College of Fashion with a distinction. She has a career in sales that spans two decades across media, digital, and disruptive technology sectors. She has worked for global media corporations such as Bauer Media Group on brands like heat, KISS, Grazia, Empire and Magic, as well as multinational technology providers such as Yahoo! and Adobe. Monique currently is an accomplished enterprise sales professional, the author of acclaimed novel, Once Bad Intentions, A Love Story of Triumph and Redemption, a proud mum and south London girl.

One Bad Intentions is as authentic and genuine a depiction of South London urban life as I have read. It takes its place among every black working-class novel in the canon.

Alex Wheatle

Author of Brixton Rock


A Love Story of Triumph and Redemption

An authentic and compelling novel that unfolds over the course of a decade in 90s working-class Black London – where suffering and love, humour and forgiveness, triumph and loss all co-exist as a rite of passage.

Set in South London in the ‘90s, where Jamaican dancehall meets American hip-hop, the story celebrates the vitality of the culture, music, style and fashion of its time.

A rollercoaster of emotions, a gripping page turner and a beautifully composed story of the redemptive journey of a young black girl in working-class London in the ‘90s.

Stephanie Johnson is young, spirited and black – a troubled, eleven-year-old girl in South London seeking to find her place in a world that doesn’t understand her. As she and her girlfriends navigate their experiences of friendship, family and first love, Steph seeks a better future for herself – but will she be able to escape the hand she’s been dealt?

I’m soo happy I bought this book! I wanted to better understand the black experience from a UK perspective and the author has done this so well with her protagonist Stephanie Johnson. Her story’s so vivid, authentic, a rounded account of how characters are shaped for young black girls living in marginalised communities.

A Black Girl’s Experience

I found “Once Bad Intentions: An Urban Love Story of Triumph and Redemption.” such an intriguing book that after a couple of days I wanted to read it again, and that’s a rare thing indeed. I have the attention span of a goldfish. When I’ve finished for the second time I think I’ll be better placed to reflect on what it’s truly about and be able to review it properly.

Kindle Customer
So intriguing I’m re-reading it now…

Growing up in the 90’s myself meant that, while the environment and upbringing of the protagonist – Stephanie – were very different to my own, the author’s ability to leverage fashion and pop culture references made this a believable and compelling account of her journey from confused pre-teen to thriving young adult. Oh, to own a Moschino jacket in those times!

Caroline Fox
Gripping read, from start to finish




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