We all eat, and every inattentively made meal is a missed opportunity to stay healthy.

Teach your family to have an healthy relationship with food.

Teach your family to have a healthy relationship with food.

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Teach your family to have an healthy relationship with food.

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Enjoy a convenient number of meals that are packed, prepared, and ready to be consumed. We produce various meal plans and diets that provide healthier eating and assist in achieving your goals.

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Customize your meals

Enjoy the flexibility of building a meal based on your preferences. Our meals our chef prepared in a commercial graded facility in Los Angeles, CA. Our executive Chef is French trained with over 10 years’ experience and our meal plans are all dietitian approved.

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Delivered to your doorstep

Our company offers safe health department approved practices when delivering your meals. We also offer options to pick up at your local gym please check with our partnered list. At our Los Angeles facility we offer pick up options at specified times as well.

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Just heat and eat EAT

Our company fully cooks and packages your meals for you to consume. Simply pick to either heat your meal in the microwave (container is microwavable safe) or reheat on the stove and enjoy!

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MightyMealz is awesome! First of all, the customer service is great. The owner, Mark is a genuine guy who really cares about the needs of the customer. He asks you the right questions about what your diet goals are, and what you do/don”t like eating, as well as what foods you have allergies to. It”s his attention to detail that sets MightyMealz apart from their competition. It doesn”t feel like a meal prep service, it really feels like you have your own personal chef!

Now, enough about their awesome customer service, and let”s talk about the food. The food tastes great. Always fresh, always flavorful, and very filling. For those of you who are on strict macros, just tell them what you need per meal, and they”ll make it happen! I”ve used MightyMealz for a week and I”ve always been pleasantly surprised by my meals. I didn”t have a complaint about a single dish!

Bottom line is, if you”re serious about your diet, and you enjoy eating great tasting food, MightyMealz is the only option!

Phillip Y.
Holy crap! This company is amazing!! To be honest, at first I didn”t understand the difference between meal prep companies but after trying out a couple of them and coming across MightyMealz, it”s like night and day. I don”t even know where to start because they are great on all aspects but let”s begin with their customer service. I really feel like anyone that has used them can attest to this; they are so personable but yet still so professional. It”s like having a best friend that never lets you down, they are so thorough with every aspect of their interaction and so friendly at the same rate. Whether it”s a question or concern, they are right there to assist. If you want results, trust this company! For people unaware to meal prep like I was, don”t just trust any business that advertises selling meal prep with no real knowledge. I made that mistake by going with a catering company that claimed to know about meal prep but they just knew how to present food and nothing else. MightyMealz gave me results and still provided delicious meals that were accurate to what my body needed. I promise whoever is reading this, this is the only meal prep company that is worth it in LA/valley.


Gerome V.

I”ve been using these guys for one month and they have been nothing less than fantastic.
Customer service, prices and most importantly the FOOD has always been on point. Super tasty, lots of variety, always with a home cooked feel, and no artificial fillers.
As a busy working gal, having well thought out meals already prepared has made my life much easier, not to mention how responsive and friendly their customer service is.
I would give ten stars if I could. I will continue to use this service and have already recommended it to all my friends.

Jamie L