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The Arabian Gulf is the busiest and richest water zones in the world. In the great cities lining its shores we were born, and in its generous waters we are currently running our business, First Marine Services.


FMS’s core competency is vessel chartering. With a wide understanding of the market and it’s growing demands, we are constantly looking to charter a young fleet of vessels to assist in offshore support services. We have the capability to operate and manage vessels that we charter from local and foreign owners relying on our established relationships in the MENA region, and specifically in the Arabian Gulf region.

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First Marine Service's core business is vessel chartering. Using our extensive relationships and reputation we are able to procure various types of vessels in the MENA region. We operate and manage vessels on the behalf of local and international owners.

Safety / Standby Services

FMS can cooperate with your offshore crew to develop safety systems and procedures that aim to reduce risk and avoid injuries .....

Towing and Rig Move Operations

Using specific vessels, we are able to assist in towing and moving drilling rigs and production/storage .....

Cross-Chartering, and Vessel Management

Based on our detailed needs analysis of your business, we aid in picking the vessels that best fulfill .....

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Our fleet is comprised of vessels that we manage and operate on behalf of local and foreign owners. This mix can provide your offshore operations with a diverse range of vessels that cater to different needs of your business.

Providing Uncompeted Offshore Oil & Gas Services

We operate and manage vessels on the behalf of local and international owners.