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Product Summary

The Verona Sofa Set is a strong, sturdy set of living room furniture that adds a modern, contemporary feel to your surroundings. The sofa has a strong wooden frame for year-round support and benefits from thick luxury fabric seating pads with quality foam fillings.



  • Upholstered in a premium grey fabric
  • Stylish and chunky design
  • Medium firmness
  • Hardwood reinforced durable frame
  • Easy assembly
  • Arrives packaged and protected

A pouffe is an essential living room accessory if you want to have a space that is beautiful and at the same time functional and practical. The Verona upholstered pouffe would be great for modern and classic living rooms as an additional sitting place or a footstool. This soft, elegant, yet very simple in its form piece will give you a feeling of comfort and be a perfect addition to the rest of the furniture arrangement.

The Verona pouffe model is available in a number of colour options; and if you have more space available, this furniture line will allow you to create a beautiful and comfortable living room set. 3+ 2-seater sofas, corners, as well as upholstered armchairs are waiting for you.


Total Length 77cm
Total Height 43cm
Total Depth 56cm


There’s a careful balance between comfort and good support, and we’ve nailed it with this sofa. The cushions, upholstery, seat depth, and seat height have all been designed to provide comfort that stands the test of time.


Expert opinion has gone into perfecting the design of this sofa. Everything from the strong frame to the lean of the seat has been carefully considered in order to bring together a well-crafted, stylish sofa. The upholstery has been hand-picked and skillfully applied to complete this seamless design.


We’ve been selling sofas for over a decade now. We know quality when we see it, and we bring it to your home so you can enjoy it. Manufactured by experts who have been producing sofas for 50 years, the sofa has been designed with long-standing comfort and durability in mind. With a sturdy frame and high-quality fabric, it’s been built to last.



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