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Here are a few simple tips when planning your landscaping project.

  • If you can live in your property for 12 months before completing the work ( I know its difficult in a new property with all that sand) , but maybe put off planting to experience the seasonal changes in your space .In an established property it gives you chance to see if bulbs appear and how existing plants are performing. You will also see how you are naturally using the space.
  • Draw a sketch including measurements if possible. This reduces error and ensures understanding. It also gives you a chance to work out some initial costings before you start talking to Landscapers. Many Landscapers work on the tools and struggle finding time to keep responding to changes on quotes. Having ideas ready means you are ready to compare quotes and will build a good relationship from the start with only a few changes required.
  • Ensure you check that all waste is being taken away, you don’t want to be left with turf or paving off cuts and pallets adding to your costs.
  • Consider doing some aspects of the work yourself- reducing levels is great for fitness and a budget buster- Why pay Landscapers rates to shovel sand ? Book their expertise for the jobs you can’t do or even consider booking a labourer for some preparation work.
  • Have an idea of your whole plan – doing jobs in the right order saves a lot of heartache, time and money.
  • Think of the future- This include resale and as your needs change. Eg make a sand pit that can easily be a planter, put road base under your artificial grass at the front so it can be parked on, keep soil and water away from the house, put in conduits for retic before you pave.
  • Get a WRITTEN quote for labour only and ensure they have detailed exactly what is included and broken it down for you.
  • Order products yourself to stay in control of your work start to finish.


  • You are in control of your project and know when deliveries are arriving.
  • In most cases you wont have to pay a deposit to the contractor as the deposit is usually for products ( some may take a stage payment towards labour,especially on larger projects.)
  • You are aware of all quantities required
  • You can take advantage of discounts
  • You get an opportunity to see the actual product you will receive.
  • You can stagger your budget by ordering products in stages or paying off gradually.
  • Any relevant Warranties will be in your name.
  • You know where it was purchased it you wish to purchase more at a later date.
  • Reduce delivery fees by ordering items together.
  • Any products left at the end belong to you.
  • Access advice from the store you are purchasing from first.
  • Quoting is easier as you have already organized the products
  • At Dale Store we offer FREE design advice so bring your plan in and we can save you making expensive mistakes that can easily be made if making decisions on the spot.

Come and have a no obligation chat today and we can assist with your DIY project or products for installation by your selected expert or advise which of our recommended contractors is the best selection for your particular project.

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Recommended Contractors List 2020 with voucher


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