Moving In

Tenants can move into a rental property at midday (12:00pm) on the day the tenancy agreement begins. This is when the keys to the property may be picked up from the property manager.

It is important that all initial monies for the bond and first weeks’ rent have been paid in full otherwise the property manager may not be able to provide a tenant with keys. Some reminders for moving into a new property include:

  • Remember to connect your power
  • Remember to redirect your mail
  • Remember to change your address with your banks and employer
  • Remember to save your property manager’s details in your phone
  • Familiarise yourself with your new neighborhood

Moving Out

Your tenancy can end for a number of reasons including:

  • The end of a periodic tenancy as initiated by a tenant (to initiate this, you must give a minimum of 21 days notice to your property manager)
  • The end of periodic tenancy as initiated by the property owner (to initiate this, you will be given a Notice to Quit with either 42 or 90 days notice)
  • Misconduct or breach of your tenancy agreement (a tenant will be notified by the Tenancy Tribunal)
  • The end of your fixed term tenancy You have sought to break the rental agreement (all parties must agree to this in writing prior to the tenancy expire date)

Your property manager can help you to manage each stage of ending a tenancy for any of the above reasons.

When you move out of a rental, make sure you’ve done everything on the list below to get your bond back.

  • Pay final rent right up until the end of your tenancy
  • Cleaned inside to a fair a reasonable standard
  • Cleaned the walls and skirting boards of any marks
  • Cleaned all windows and glass doors including the railings and tracks
  • Swept, pruned and mowed any areas outside
  • Removed any oil stains from the driveway
  • Washed all hard floors
  • Have the carpet professionally cleaned – not ‘Rug Doctor’
  • Made sure all power points, light bulbs, taps and fixtures are working
  • Empty the house of all personal property
  • Removed all rubbish from the property
  • Returned all keys at the end of the tenancy or you may be charged a late fee

Also don’t forget to attain a final reading on the power meter.