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Olive Oil


What Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Why Should I Use It?
When it comes to dietary fats, there can be a lot of controversy over what is healthy and what is not, but what experts all agree on is that extra virgin olive oil is good for your well-being. A staple component of the Mediterranean diet, this oil has been consumed by some of the healthiest populations in the world for generations. We work closely with the passionate local farmers who have harvested this land for many years, and know the tips and techniques to make sure only the finest olive oil is produced.

Studies have shown that olive oil’s antioxidants and fatty acids offer a host of health benefits, and this is why so many people are now keen to add it to their regular regime. Our olive oil is grown in an area with the perfect climate and has been famed for its olive production for hundreds of years. Our olive groves are nestled on this wonderful coastal area, with white sandy beaches and ruins of palaces and fortresses intermingled between, so you are getting the most authentic Grecian olive oil that’s available.

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How Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Made?

Extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olives by pressing or crushing them then mixing them together and separating the pulp from the oil using a centrifuge. There are three grades of olive oil – extra virgin, virgin and refined, with extra virgin olive oil being the least refined or processed type.

Due to the minimal processing, extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest kind, extracted with natural methods then standardized for sensory qualities such as smell and taste as well as purity. This type of oil also has a high level of phenolic antioxidants, and this is the primary reason for its health benefits.

How Can Extra Virgin Olive Oil Boost Health?

Extra virgin olive oil is known to be anti-inflammatory, and since inflammation is thought to drive a number of diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, it can help to combat a host of problems. The oleic acid in olive oil reduces inflammatory markers in the body while its antioxidants also have a powerful effect.

Thanks to its positive impact on heart health, extra virgin olive oil can protect against strokes and heart disease. It reduces the oxidation of bad cholesterol, improves the health of blood vessels, helps to prevent blood clotting and lowers blood pressure significantly. Furthermore, there is evidence that extra virgin olive oil could help to protect against Alzheimer’s Disease by improving cognitive function.

And if you’re worried that because olive oil is a dietary fat that it could cause obesity, there’s no undue cause for concern – a study has shown that it doesn’t make you gain weight, even when eaten in large amounts!

With all of these advantages in mind, it’s definitely time to consider adding extra virgin olive oil into your daily diet.


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