I developed Acute Care Coaching to provide support and guidance to deal with major life traumas. As a physician, you know the role of using acute care for problems that are serious but not severe enough to require massive emergency interventions. Acute Care Coaching is made to move quickly to evaluate your needs. We use the familiar SOAP note format- Subjective/Objective/ Assessment/Plan.

1. One Time Care Visit

Something traumatic has just hit and you need to know what to do. This is a quick and supportive planning session to discover what options are available to you and to create a plan for your unique situation. This is a one-time conference that will leave you with a working plan for the days ahead.

We work to set up this consultation as quickly as possible. After this session, you will know if further coaching is right for you or if you would benefit from other resources. If additional coaching is right for you, you can access our coaching program through an eight week “rapid care” program or an individualized “chronic care” in depth approach. Even if coaching isn’t right for you, you will leave the session with an individualized plan of action that can help you meet your needs.

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2. Rapid Care Program

This program provides support over an eight-week time frame to allow us to focus on the issues in greater detail. The foundation of this program is a weekly coaching call in the SOAP format.

These coaching calls are scheduled weekly for 55 minutes and they can be done through Zoom or over the phone. The call starts in the SOAP format- we assess the emotional issues of the week and the objective events that you are facing. This is followed by a rapid assessment and a plan of action for the coming week.

The first week is the initial assessment. This is followed by sessions dedicated to specific topics each week. We do a broad-spectrum investigation into all the areas of your life that may be experiencing an impact from your current situation.

The second week is a time to explore the mental and emotional processes that you may be experiencing. This is followed by a week dedicated to looking at the legal and administrative processes that you face. Other weeks focus on career, relationships, and financial concerns. The next to last week is reserved for a topic of your choice and the final week serves to wrap up how far you’ve come in meeting your goals. By the end of each session, you will have a plan of action that meets your specific needs.

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3. Chronic Care

Some people would prefer a “chronic care” approach. Since these problems can drag on for a long time, it is often useful to go with a longer coaching option. I can create a custom-made program to fit your needs. Please initiate the Acute Care Consult and we can discuss the plan that will provide the greatest value for you.

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Other benefits of our coaching program.

You will have personal access to me by email and text. I try to have flexible hours of access because I know physicians face rigid schedules that require adaptability. (However, I do expect prompt attendance at every scheduled call to ensure that my other clients are also getting the time they have arranged.)

There is a saying “physician, heal thyself.”

Are you ready to take the next step to healing yourself from the trauma from dealing with unrelenting authorities? Are you ready to devote just 1 hour of your week for supporting yourself? Are you ready to reach a new level? Use this challenging time to create a more fulfilling career and personal life. The Acute Care clinic is open and waiting for your call.

Special Bonus Offer for 8 week and Custom Programs.

I also have a bonus offer for the 8-week and custom programs. I offer support before and after you are confronted with a major event. You might need to meet a designated authority to discuss the case and present information there. If you’re dealing with a malpractice lawsuit, you might need to give depositions. You may also have to do negotiating with the lawyers or go through mediation. If you’re dealing with illness, you may be facing a critical clinical decision. All these things can increase your stress level. To help you through this, I offer a 30-minute bonus call in the days before one of these major events to help you prepare for how you’re going to handle what’s ahead. I provide another 30-minute bonus session in the days after the event to provide grounding and a reflective perspective. These are available once within each program.

PS. I know how hard it is to take the first step. Doctors are trained to go it alone and stay tough. But would you expect your own patients to manage a traumatic injury on their own? And would you just tell them to be tough? Or would you find time in your busy schedule so you could help them recover? Treat yourself as well as you treat your patients. You do not have to handle this situation alone. Take the first step. Send me a Facebook message with your name and phone number and I will get back to you right away.


  • The One Time Acute Care Consult is $497.

  • Our Eight Week Rapid Care Plan is $3997 if paid in one payment, or two monthly payments of $2197.

  • Our Custom Chronic Care Program is priced based on the services provided.

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