Venue Description

Manhattan Proper is a perfect combination of sport bar, full restaurant and social club, located in financial district, New York City. The bar is up front, with about a dozen stools, a lot of standing room, and a large window that’s open on nice days. The dining room, in back, seats around 50. There’s a banquette on the east wall, with one coming to the west wall in the next couple of days. The aesthetic is very black-and-white and a little austere—art is on the way—with the exception of the five 70-inch televisions (a 103-inch projection TV will be unrolled for football games). Manhattan Proper is a great venue for sport fans to hangout and have a birthday party.

The menu includes classics like wings, a chicken club, and mac and cheese, but also a boudin croquette, andouille sliders with Creole mustard and caramelized shallots, a Truffle Burger with a “balsamic portabella red wine reduction,” and smoked sea salt on the Caesar salad.

Additional Info

Type: Sports Bar
Dress code: Casual
Capacity: 500 – 1000

What’s included?

No Cover
Free Bottles
Free Service
VIP Treatment