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Mel was born and raised in Adelaide before her career saw her moving around the country to live in Canberra, Tamworth, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney, where she currently resides.

Having been interested in Real Estate since childhood, she began investing in residential property in 2012 and has held a portfolio since, and also invests in property developments.

She enjoys travelling and has had some great (and some not so great!) experiences with Airbnb accommodation around the world, so has a solid working knowledge of what guests like and need to make their stay convenient, relaxing and enjoyable, as well as what property owners would like from an outstanding guest.

Mel believes that Airbnb is a great trailblazing direction in the short stay accommodation world and a gamechanger for guests and property owners alike. She knows that it’s here to stay and that it will continue to build and has the ability to provide stable rental income for property owners as well as comfortable, practical and reasonably priced accommodation for people with different needs and tastes on their travels to enhance their experience.

She is committed to directing her drive and passion for the industry towards helping property owners experience a hands-off, hassle-free solution to earning guaranteed rental income with the highest quality of care for their property.