Introducing the value of Logistics 2.0

Present-day logistic processes involve multiple parties, un-channelled communication and large amount of redundant manual work. This ‘black box’ hinders business growth and can amount for unnecessary and unexpected cost. Our aim, to introduce Logistics 2.0, has resulted in the development of the KLG-ITM Control Tower, in which all aspects of your supply chain can combined in a single online portal.

A logistic orchestrator

Our KLG-ITM Control Tower replaces the ‘black box’ problems by enforcing central coordination, supply chain transparency and a management by exception style. For all of our services, a control tower can be implemented, meaning that you, the client, has real-time oversight on the entire process. Our control tower unifies the information flow and realizes the ‘one version of the truth’ principle, accessible by all involved parties. Our management by exception style ensures minimal manual work, only in exceptions.

Success through cooperation

At KLG-ITM, we like to work with our clients to develop solutions based on their requests. As every logistics demand is unique, Our Control Tower, is adjustable and customizable for every need, ensuring seamless implementation into the logistic flow. Our desire to work with our clients to improve and develop, guarantees satisfying service. As always, easy for us, good for you.