Introducing and developing Logistics 2.0

Forward-looking logistic service providers always explore new options to improve their operations. Our KLG-ITM digital solutions aim to introduce logistics 2.0. By providing several smart solutions, our clients have full insight into our operations at any time. From complex supply chain management to comprehensive warehouse solutions, our digital tools provided the insight you need to manage your business.

Easy & Convenient

We understand the desire for transparency and control in modern business practices. Our digital options ensures easy access and oversight into KLG-ITM processes.

Safe & Secure

Our IT experts ensure our tools can safely be accessed through a login portal, at any time anywhere around the world. We understand and value the protection of your data.

IT services

  • Track and trace
    Knowing the exact location of your shipment, allows accurate anticipation of its arrival. Use our track & trace to follow your shipment.

  • Your digital warehouse
    Managing your stock is crucial in every business practice. Use our digital warehouse tools to track and manage your warehouse stock.

  • KLG-ITM Control Tower
    Oversight and transparency are crucial factors in the management of every supply chain. Use our KLG-ITM control tower to observe and direct your supply chain.