From camels to trains, the new Eurasian rail network

KLG-ITM prizes itself for being at the foreground of developments within logistic sector. We utilize and cooperate with the Trans-Eurasian railway initiative that combines Europe with China via an extensive railway network. This ‘New Silk Road’ has replaced the camels of old with modern trains, and connects Chinese cities such as Xi’an, Zhengzhou or Chongqing with European cities such as Duisburg and Hamburg. The renewed Silk Road opens up whole new opportunities for cross continental logistics.

The third option

Contrary to expensive air cargo and slow ocean freight, the rail option offers a unique middle ground. With only a transit time of 15 days and the option of cooled 20’ and 40’ container (reefers), this new modality provides a real innovative alternative. With the ability to transport a wide variety of goods, from flowers to high-tech electrical components, the rail option is exponentially growing.

Our New Silk Way Logistics partner

At KLG-ITM, we cooperate with our close partner ‘New Silk Way logistics’, the leading experts of Eurasian rail logistics. NSWL was born out of a partnership between two large European logistic companies, KLG Europe and H.S. Essers. As pioneers of the new logistics modality, more and more different commodities are being shipped from Europe to China and visa versa. Our close cooperation with NSWL allows not only a pioneering position but also the best rates possible.

Are you curious about the rail option? Consider our client cases to see how our rail service can complement your business.