Combine multiple modalities to optimise your logistics

KLG-ITM utilizes various logistics channels to transport your goods from A to B. In modern logistics, optimising your supply chain is essential and we are dedicated to help you improve your business via our logistics. By utilizing our key modalities, your cargo can be divided to suit your needs, in terms of finances, convenience and reliability.

Fully customizable

Our KLG-ITM service ensures reliability of your multi-modal logistics by only employing the best service for your needs and planning the arrival according to your requirements.

Financially secure

In your supply chain, not every product has to arrive at the same time. Save unnecessary cost by utilizing the difference in transmit time between modalities via our KLG-ITM services.

  • Reliable and timely service

    Our KLG-ITM service is dedicated to meet your requirement. Via our multi-modal solutions, your business and supply chain can swiftly be optimised. Our service assures your success.

  • Financial benefit

    Utilize the multi-modal solutions to exploit the various transit times to optimize your supply chain and prevent additional costs. Contact us today, to see how KLG-ITM can complement your business.

  • IT solutions

    The effectiveness of our multi-modal solutions is guaranteed via our IT solution, which grant oversight and control of our processes to your business.