Entrepreneurship, growth and confidence are key to our KLG history. Our knowledge and experience, combined with our solid foundation, enables us to innovate continuously. We respond to the logistical challenges of today and tomorrow. The KLG family does not stand still, but literally brings you further.

How KLG started

Just after the first World War, in 1918, Cornelis Kuijken founded Kuijken Transport in Luyksgestel. In 1947, Kuijken Transport handled their first international transports.

In the early 80’s, the company made a choice by specialising in two market segments: container transports and groupage consignments to France. At the time, arather unusual move.

Ten years later, there were several acquisitions: V.T.E. bv in Venlo and Bradford, Hessinex Group in Goirle and Kwinten Transport in Eersel. We also opened a branch in Rotterdam, to position our container transport close to the port of Rotterdam, thus expanding the business.

KLG and the world

In 2005, our mother company changed its name to KLG Europe. The family continued to grow and in 2006, six new branches were established in Romania. In 2009, the idea of KLG-ITM emerged when KLG Europe opened its first branch in Beijing, China. Following, branches in Hong Kong and Shanghai were added in 2013, officially creating the KLG-ITM joint venture.

KLG Europe, our mother company continued with several strategic acquisitions: Martens Logistics and the Schutte company in Venlo. Followed by the Balkan activities (non-EU countries) from the Doesburg company in Waardenburg and the French activities from Van Hooijen Transport in Tilburg. In 2010, we opened a branch in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2012, we opened our seventh branch, with cross-dock, in Romania.

Our KLG pride

In 2011, the KLG family received the Graydon Award for being a financially sound company and the Lean & Green Award for corporate social responsibility. That same year, Dun and Bradstreet awarded us their certificate for the highest available credit rating. In 2013, we received the SQAS certificate and Deloitte hailed us as ‘Best Managed Company’. But what we are most proud of, is our staff. The people at KLG who are available for our customers every day. From cleaner to manager, from switchboard operator to driver and from order picker to managing director. We are all members of the KLG family.


After the creation of KLG-ITM, our company, as a daughter of KLG Europe continued to grow and develop, starting with just a single warehouse in Shanghai in 2013 and growing to include four warehouses in 2019. Under the leadership of the General Manager, Tom Hoorn, KLG-ITM grew for a small joint venture into a recognized specialist on EU-China trade and logistics.