Patient Benefits

Patient Benefits

The Doctor Comes to See You At Home

Choose what works for you! Keep your primary doctor and use House Call MD as a consultant to report to your physician once, as needed, or on a schedule. Alternatively, establish a House Call MD Doctor as your new primary physician who will see you monthly or as needed.

Most Services Covered Under Medicare Part B

Some HMOs are contracted but require prior authorization (e.g. Healthcare Partners).

Direct Admit To the Hospital Of Your Choice

If hospitalization is needed, House Call MD can help you avoid long waits in the emergency room for non-emergent hospital admissions. We have privileges at: Huntington Memorial, Arcadia Methodist and Citrus Valley. We also have associates available at: Alhambra, San Gabriel and all surrounding hospitals.

Labs And X-rays With The Convenience Of Home

These services are provided by trusted local contracting providers.

Direct Communication With Your Physician

Nurses from House Call MD can help you with all your questions when the doctor is not available. You can always contact the physician when needed through the call center.

Medication Management and Reduction

The physician will routinely evaluate your medication list for accuracy and reduce unnecessary medications.

Assit In Making Informed Decisions

House Call MD can clarify complicated issues such as insurance plans, advanced directives and the diseases healing process.

Keep Up-To-Date with Advance In Healthcare

House Call MD Doctors and Dr. Jarchi provide informative lectures on healthcare topics important to you and the senior community such as heart disease, diabetes, shingles and many more.

Nurse and Therapy Treatments Arrangements

Arrange for in home physical therapy, speech therapy & nurse visits at your convenience.